From the Executive Director:
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What does 7-70 do? We are coaches. We coach our clients as they set goals and then set out to achieve them. The process covers every aspect of their lives and is truly transformative.

Spiritual and Pastoral Counseling establish principles in their lives. Life Coaching guides their behavior by breaking old destructive habits and the creating of new constructive ones. Through Family Mediation our clients begin the process of reestablishing familial relationships and learn how to establish new, healthy relationships. Career Coaching teaches how to conduct a job search, handle an interview and how to keep the job. Case Management services consists of tracking progress towards goals and referrals to other services. Since our inception in December 2014 we have coached 34 clients and more are reaching out to us every day.

At present, 7-70 has 8 active clients and we are growing.

While it’s not required, we encourage our clients to find and regularly attend a place of worship. 7-70, an independent nonprofit, operates out of International Christian Fellowship in Brookfield. Because many of our clients do not live close to our church we have partnered with another church. When a church partners with us, they provide the volunteers and 7-70 provides the training, support and client referrals. Both the new church and 7-70 will grow from this advantageous relationship. Over the next few years will be looking to expand into other churches.

Jobs are important factor in a successful reentry. Recently, we reached an agreement with a local employer to hire our clients, regardless of their background, giving a true second chance to those who desire it. In the future we plan to partner with more employers.

Your support has made all this possible and as we grow, your support will become more important. This year we will start our year end fundraising campaign on
Giving Tuesday. Please watch for emails and social media posts and prayerfully consider partnering with us.


Stan Balcom
Executive Director