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Quadrathlon: Swim, Bike, Run, Pray

I pray while I train.  First is the fact that I could meet God at any moment.  I’m at that age now where sudden heart stoppage is a real threat.  For a moment, let’s say it’s you.  Imagine swimming along when it happens.  One second you’re breaking your personal record for the 1500 meter freestyle and the next you’re standing in the cloud amid worshiping angels face to face with Jesus.  And then He asks you what you were thinking about.  What would you say?  I’m not...

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Foxhole Character

My friend Chris was a Vietnam vet. He had the medals, a limp and a twitch to prove it.  When he didn’t trust somebody he’d say, “I don’t want that guy anywhere near my foxhole.”  I’ve never been in combat but I understood perfectly what he meant.  To Chris, the measure of a person’s character is whether or not he could trust them in times of trouble.  

Most people can be trusted when things are going well but what about when the bullets start flying?    Would they...

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