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John Oliver and Prisoner Re-entry

This video has been out there for a while; it is a different and houmorous look at prisoner re-entry. Be advised that there is a little bit of strong language in it but in my opinion this is out weighed by the message and it's common sense message.



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Prison is Expensive

This is a good interview about the cost of the criminal justice system.  



January 13th The Sandy Shack Show Executive Director of US Justice Action Network Holly Harris by 1510wmex on Mixcloud

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Testimony of an Ex-Felon

I want to share my testimony with you all and spread the word of God’s will and the blessings that he has bestowed upon me. I am so grateful for the person I have become through the grace of God.  My name is Celia Colon.  

As a teenage mother, I chose the gang life and, as a result, went to prison at the age of 18 for attempted murder and armed robbery.   I lived through it all; abuse, neglect and I saw death first hand. In August of 2000, after 6 and 1/2 years I was released.  I had...

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Getting arrested creates a record that will remain with the person for the rest of their lives.  Even if found not guilty, the record remains and can lead to trouble getting a job, housing and anything that requires a background check.  Fortunately, there is some relief but action must be taken because criminal records never expire.

On May 21st, I attended the monthly CSAC West meeting held at the 15th Police District building on Madison St.  The meeting every 3rd Thursday of the month...

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