From the Executive Director:
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January 2017

”I’m ready.I need drug counseling and anger management…and I'll be on house arrest…I know this guy who'll get me a job in construction and…I don't know where I'm going to live yet but I've got options….," a client said when I asked him what his plan for his parole was. His response is all too common; determined to sound unconcerned, his eyes told me that deep down he didn't believe he would make it.

The prison system does little to prepare inmates for returning to society.Their focus is on jobs, apartments and 'evidence based' services like counseling. But the reason he went to prison in the first place wasn't because of a job or an apartment or a lack of counseling.The simple fact is that he got in trouble, he's been in prison three times, because he doesn't know any life but the street life, never learned how to live otherwise, never had a healthy relationship with someone who cared about him enough to teach him the right way to do things or who loved him enough to sacrifice for him.

The street life is a powerful cultural force that compels compliance with violence, drugs, anger and despair.That doubt in his eyes come from thoughts about how formidable it really is.That's why 76%men getting out of prison are rearrested within 5 years.
(Click here to learn more about recidivism) If my client doesn't reject the street culture, he'll be going back to prison.

7-70's job will be to convince him that change must be total, complete and possible.We do it well by building relationships that foster change.

Right now 7-70 has 11 active clients; 10 men and 1 women. Three are in prison and will parole within 6 months.I received 7 inquiries about our services in January.Our services are in demand we need mentors and coaches.

This month's featured blog is a well written piece by our president, Nicole Braun.She elaborates on our vision of Justice - Forgiveness - Restoration.You can read the whole article

Please keep us in prayer.

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Stan Balcom